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Mail Merges with PilotMailings Data

Taking PilotMailings data and merging it onto your own labels using Microsoft Word is a simple process.

Saving the Data

Ensure that when you run your search, you request CSV (comma-separated values) at the bottom of the search page:

Save your CSV file on your hard drive.

The following instructions are for Microsoft Word 2003. For Microsoft Word 2000, click here.

Mail Merge: Microsoft Word 2003

1. Select Tools/Letters and  Mailings/Mail Merge from the main menu:

2. Select "Labels" as your document type and click Next:

3. Select the type of label you are using and click OK:

4. Select "Use an existing list", then click on "Browse" to select the CSV file you saved to your hard drive:

5. Make sure all the recipients are selected, and click OK:

6. Select the format you wish to have the address inserted onto each label:

7. Ensure the fields in the CSV file match the fields in the merger. For pilots, you are given the first name and last name separately. For aircraft owners, you are given only "Registrant_Name" which includes both the first and last name combined - you will have to specify this as a name as shown below:

8. Begin the merge. You will end up with a document of labels, filled with your PilotMailings address information.

Mail Merge: Microsoft Word 2000

1. Select Tools/Mail Merge from the main menu:

2. Click Create, and select Mailing Labels:

3. Click Get Data, and select Open Data Source:

4. Change "Files of type" to "All Files (*.*)" and browse to the folder containing your downloaded CSV file. Select your CSV file and click Open:

5. Click the "Set Up Main Document" button:

6. Select your label type and click OK:

7. Insert the fields you wish to appear on the label into the box by clicking the "Insert Merge Field" button, and selecting the field name:

8. Click the "Merge" button:

9. Select the output, and click the Merge button:

You will end up with a document of labels, filled with your PilotMailings address information.