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This page will allow you to search for any current FAA-registered pilot, mechanic, control tower operator, etc. This page is working from a database current as of May 1, 2021. Not all FAA-registered pilots are in this database: The pilot must be current (with a reasonably current medical), and the pilot must also not have opted out of this database. There are just under one million pilots in this database that you can search through. The page will display a maximum of sixty at a time, so you may need to make sure you have the search criteria specified precisely enough. You should have at least the last name or the first/middle names as an "exact string" - having both set to "substring" can result in a very lengthy search time.

If you find incorrect information in the database, do not contact us to correct it, contact the FAA.

If you wish to do more complex searches, try our full-featured search service.

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