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FAA Aircraft Database

This page allows you to search for any current FAA-registered aircraft, using very specific search methods, outputting the resulting list either to HTML, CSV file (for importing into a spreadsheet or a mailing list application), or an RTF file ready to print mailing labels. This page is working from a database current as of May 15, 2021. There are over 350,000 entries in this database that you can search through.

Credits must be purchased to access the data produced by this search engine. You can Purchase credits online now!

If you find data in this database and find it to be incorrect, do not contact us to correct it, contact the FAA.

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Model: Type model names and/or numbers
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name and/or number is not in this list,
record will not be returned. Use * to
indicate wildcard, i.e. *210P will 
find T210P and P210P. T210* will
find T210, T210A, T210B, etc.
Engine: Manufacturer
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 model(s) of engine
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Amateur Built: Non-Amateur Built
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