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You've got an aviation-related product - now you need qualified aviation professionals to market it to. PilotMailings is the tool you need to make your direct mail sales campaign a huge success with a high return on investment!

We have two fully indexed, searchable databases containing every FAA registered pilot and every FAA registered aircraft in the world. Send your direct mailings only to qualified aircraft owners or pilots, to ensure the highest ROI for your advertising dollar. We provide you with detailed, specific and targeted mailing lists for your marketing campaign, at far less than the cost of typical mailing list providers - and our list is targeted to your exact specifications. Every aspect of our databases can be searched or selected - many different fields, containing hundreds of options, so you extract exactly the target market you are looking for - nothing more, nothing less. Your mailing campaign costs you money - you should know that the people you are sending your marketing materials to are qualified potential buyers. PilotMailings does this for you!

New!New to PilotMailings.com is the ability to search within geographic areas! This allows you to specify your target market even more precisely, saving you marketing costs, while ensuring your advertising goes exactly where you want it. You can now:

  • Filter by ZIP codes within a specific county, in a specific state
  • Filter by geographic distance from a specific ZIP code
  • Filter by geographic distance from a specific city and state

Try out our free demonstration to look up pilots in our pilot database, then have a look at our full-featured Pilot and Aircraft search engine forms. Filling out the forms results in an instant result, your targeted mailing list will be ready for you in mere seconds. You'll wonder how you ever did without!

The pilot database is updated every 30 days, and the aircraft owner database is updated every week, so you know the information is current. Target your market and make your sale, with PilotMailings.com!

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